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Articles of the Federation [spoilers]

I just finished reading Articles of the Federation. I had kind of skipped it (and taken a bit of a break from Trek books in general). I am not at all interested in politics or political fiction, so the book never sounded very interesting to me. (I consider myself an apolitical conservative.) My wife had a brief period of fascination with The West Wing, which I tolerated.

I did enjoy the bits of "Star Trek: The West Wing" in the A Time To... books though - I picked up on the West Wing similarities immediately.

Anyhow, I found the book used a long while back and finally got around to reading it just now.

I was completely blown away by how good this book was. I could not put it down. And it left me wanting more.

A few thoughts:

It was interesting reading this book after Before Dishonour. I kept wondering when that book exactly happened, and how the president and her staff would have handled it, what they would have been doing, etc. Also, I noticed Janeway was still around in March (?), which spaces the relaunch books out a lot more in time than I had imagined originally.

(Still well within the realm of reason though.)

The ending and Admiral Ross's forced retirement was shocking for me. I had forgotten about the "retirement" Section 31 had arranged for the former president - that little bit at the end of A Time to... I was genuinely curious about where Zife had ended up because I just couldn't remember.

Now that I think about it, I remember it being shocking to me the first time as well. So, you got to shock me that they'd make the president and his henchmen quietly disappear ... twice!

Ross's resignation made me sad. Ross was the one Starfleet Admiral I really liked in all of televised / movie Star Trek. (Except, of course, Admiral Kirk.) It seemed fitting considering his associations with Section 31 in the past that he'd resign to protect them though.

Janeway gone, Ross gone. At least we still have L J. Why can't you people get rid of the annoying admirals???? Like, I dunno, Jellico? (Peter David wouldn't have anything to write about then, of course.)

I wonder if we'll hear anything more about the events at the end of the book in the Romulan Empire. These seem like logical events to eventually follow up on in the TNG relaunch books, though they're a year out from where it started.

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