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Re: Another fan attempt at TOS deck plans

I think it's also helpful to keep in mind that, while MJ might have thought things through quite well at the begining, the show moved on in ways that he had no control over. much of the techno-babble about what was in the ship and where may not reflect how he would have prefered it to be. I see the big 'E' as a mosaic of many different artists and authors ideas, and if documentation is the name of the game, then document it all controdictions and mistakes included. As for FJ's work, while Star Trek may not have beeen his personal cup of tea, I think he did respect the technical aspects of it, as he said as much in interviews, and I think he wanted his work to honor what MJ had done previously. As for the idea that FJ was "right" and the show was "wrong", I don't think so, I never got that impression, there really is no right or wrong in situations like this. The most that could be said is that FJ's plans probably represent the way the ship would really have been built, whereas the show had to capitulate to the demands of a dramatic production, such as budget, lighting, available space etc. Look at it this way, as was mentioned a few posts up, when we see a Polaris sub or the aircraft carrier Enterprise in movies or TV, they don't acually look like they do in real life, many things are changed for many reasons, so even if there were a "real" starship Enterprise, the show couldn't duplicate the real thing in every detail.
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