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Re: Another fan attempt at TOS deck plans

I wanted to share this next set of images as it is how I'm looking at the primary hull. It is rather quick and dirty, but I think it conveys a lot of information.

What is shown here are the outer hull curves of each deck (generally both the top and bottom curves of the deck), the hull pressure compartments, and a gradient running from a dark gray to white to point out decreasing head room (with white areas generally being the height of the average sets seen on the series). I think that I've provided enough additional references of how large the sets are in relation to all of these decks, so to keep this image as clear as possible I've omitted any reference to them.

So the idea is to take what we know we've seen, and within the general spaces shown above and any references from the show, fit it all together.

I know I've said this before, but I consider cross sections to be quite deceptive in visualizing the actual space available. So to help with that, a lot of floor plans can better illustrate the amount of space we are talking about.

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Well, there's always going to be the matter of the bridge...
Well, not in these plans.

For people who must have a forward facing bridge (or the world collapses around them), they are free to pull their view of Trek into the Irwin Allen Universe. The solution to that issue sits right next to the third deck of the Jupiter 2 along side the Pod and the Chariot.

But in this thread... if it fits, it works. And the bridge as built fits in the model as built, so it works for me.
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