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Re: Spoiler whores thread (Don't change the frakin subject )

[quote=Hirogen Alpha;1406338
In the end of season three, a great big "power of ten" zoom in and zoom out showed them to be fairly near Earth.

They'll be getting to Earth in season four, one way or another, this being the last season.[/quote]

You know, that was something I had noticed immediately. I think many tend to believe they were way the hell out there, but that zoom-out shows otherwise:

There's a zoom out, the galaxy spins a bit, and the zoom in is actually pretty close to where we started (well, relatively speaking on the galactic scale).

Boy, I gotta get the other seasons on dvd. I didn't have time to watch B5 during winter break. I'm hoping to after finals. I'll likely be working and no school--which means no studying and plenty of tv time.:thumbsup::thumbsup:
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