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Re: Another fan attempt at TOS deck plans

Well, not to belabor the point too far (I hope), but it could be argued that FJ's plans based on Whitfield's book aren't so much in "error", but rather the "error", if you choose to call it that, was on the part of the script writers and editors being unable or unwilling to follow T.M.O.S.T. as the guide for them it was intended to be. We're all accustomed now to the long standing "canon" idea that what was seen or heard onscreen is "official", and that's fine as far as it goes, but consider this, Whitfield's interior arrangement was very logical and practical and may have been (and probably was) based on discussions with GR and MJ? Of course we'll never know for sure, since there's no one left to ask (is Whitfield still alive?) and I know this doesn't change the fact that the filmed elements are as they are, but they do contradict themselves as well as T.M.O.S.T. and one can still pick and choose, since there never was a "real" starship for comparison. So, I doubt FJ would have changed much that he did, even if he had at his disposal, all the info we have at ours? My own take on this is to disregard "throwaway lines" as to what's where or on what deck, for the most part, since I've been able to "retro fit" all the sets seen in TOS into FJ's plans without too much difficulty, and seeing is believing and a picture is worth a thousand words etc. etc. So I'm satisfied FJ's plans work just fine, even while I still enjoy others ideas on the subject, such as Shaw's excellent work here.

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