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Re: Pegg Is A Self-Described Sci-Fi Geek

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<font color=yellow>Simon Pegg</font> considers himself fortunate to be working on a show of which he is a fan and looks forward to doing it again every three years. <p>As reported by <A class="link" HREF=""></A>, from an interview posted by <A class="link" HREF=""></A>, a fateful email lead to his role as Scotty in <i>Star Trek XI</i>. "I got back from New York and switched on my phone to find an email from J.J.," said Pegg. "It read, simply, 'Do you want to play Scotty?' I didn't say yes straight away. I called J.J. and said, 'this is a huge commitment. I don't know if I should.' J.J. simply said, if the worst thing that happens is we get together every three years and have a great time, what's to worry about. I was convinced after that."<p>Pegg is sensitive to the fact that his character Scotty was done first by <font color=yellow>James Doohan</font>. "I'm very aware that the character of Scotty belongs to James Doohan," he said. "The man is a legend and it will always be his. Anything I do is a tribute to him." He met with <font color=yellow>Chris Doohan</font>, son of James. "I actually got to meet his son Chris, which was a real treat," said Pegg. "He told me a few stories from the old days, not least actually being on set when they were shooting 'The Trouble With Tribbles'. He gave me a little bit of dilithium crystal from the show. I felt honored."<p>Being a fan of <i>Star Trek</i> means that Pegg has his favorite <i>Star Trek</i> series. "I would say the original [series] because it's the original," he explained when asked to rank the shows in order of preference. "[Then] TNG because it reignited the franchise, Voyager because of Seven of Nine, Deep Space Nine because of that fantastic throwback episode, the cartoon [The Animated Series] because I remember it vaguely, and lastly, Enterprise because I never saw it." Pegg went on to give "an honorable Star Trek: New Voyages which can be found on the 'net which has to be one of the most amazing examples of fan based dedication out there."<p>His favorite Captain was (not surprisingly) James T. Kirk. "I would say Shatner's Kirk is my favorite Captain because he created such a brilliantly charismatic character."<p>To read more of the interview, head to the article located <A class="link" HREF="">here</A>.<center></center>
Voyager above DS9. I'm going to burn my Hot Fuzz DVD.
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