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Re: Perry On Accepting His Role In 'Star Trek XI

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His human character will supposedly oversee a Starfleet courtroom event where young Kirk is facing expulsion from Starfleet.
Expulsion? *sigh* As much as I love the Nick Meyer movies, they gave Kirk this stupid hothead cadet image, when TOS implied just this opposite.
I disagree. There was one throw-away line that said that Kirk was a "stack of books with legs." .
Actually, considerably more -- his admission (to Bones if memory serves) that he was positively grim as a cadet, his interplay with Finnegan, a trickster who constantly picked on him for it, Mitchell's whole "think or sink" comment about Kirk's class and how he pushed a lab assistant toward Kirk to get him to loosen up, etc. Combine that with his quieter, more thoughtful characterization in the first season, and it adds up to Kirk being quite studious and "by the book" in his earlier years. Even Meyer's issue with Kirk "cheating" didn't necessarily suggest he was a cocky hothead with a flaming libido -- that was more the half-assed retconning of the character in a so-so novel (Enterprise, perhaps?) to fit an individual author's imagining. And even if "stack of books with legs" was the only line, it's hardly "throwaway" if it sums up who he was as a character.
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