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Re: Non Trek Fic - Doctor Who - The Many Doctors

Disclaimer: Doctor Who and the Doctor belong to the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) , the Drahvins belong to the BBC and the Estate of William Emms and the Azores (technically) belong to Portugal. Anything else is mine.

Chapter 3 – Plan of the Drahvins – Part 1
29 September 2018, Drahvin Command Ship 02, The Azores Autonomous Region, Portugal, just outside the city of Ponta Delaga

“You know her?” Daniel asked,
“In a manner of speaking” the Doctor said.
Kellira made a signal and suddenly every Drahvin on the bridge were pointing their guns at the Doctor and his companions.
“We are in trouble now” Jai'hale said.
“What do you have planned now?” Daniel asked. Sabrina, Felicia and Sigrun were speechless with shock.
“I have no plan, maybe I should have contacted UNIT or Torchwood before we entered the ship, has been so long since I have been in contact with either of them” the Doctor said.
Kellira made another signal and one of her solidiers stepped forwards.
“Silence!” she shouted.
“There is nothing you, or the Earth associations you referenced, can do Doctor, our plan is proceeding perfectly, the Azores will be ours and we can then interfere with Earth's history to our ends, whilst minimising the side effects” Kellira said.
“You Drahvins are all the same, use everything as a weapon, whatever your plan is, it will fail” the Doctor said.
“But you have no plan! Every time we met before, I could see that you had some kind of plan, you obviously didn't think that the bridge would be heavily guarded” Kellira said.
“I have almost lost count of the times when I didn't have a plan and still won the day, this will be no different, and as I once told a Dalek Emperor, doesn't that scare you to bits!” the Doctor said.

Meanwhile Sabrina was edging along towards a computer console, all of the soldier's had their eyes on the Doctor...

“What is your plan?” Sigrun asked.
“Wouldn't you and your Time Lord friend like to know, you will not find out!” Kellira said.
“What is the point of taking over the Azores anyway, they are isolated” Daniel said,
“I am not answering that question” Kellira said.

Unnoticed the Doctor grabbed his sonic screwdriver and changed the setting...
The setting hadn't been used for a while, but he was sure it would work. He activated the setting. Bizzzzt, bizxewt, wizzzte.

“What was that?”Kellira said as she heard the Sonic screwdriver.

Sabrina whurled around to the nearest computer station, amongst other things the sonic screwdriver had brought up a directory listing.
“Call up their plan” she heard Felicia call out.
“That is what I am doing!” she shot back.

Jai'hale and Sigrun had flanked the Doctor, and they both charged at Kellira...

Outside the city the TARDIS waited patiently for the Doctor and his companions. It then received the signal from the Doctor, via the communications system of the Drahvin starship that he was in. She knew that he was in trouble, though not the sort of trouble that she was afraid of and had been avoiding for a while...
She sent a few messages into the worldwide internet and then set into motion, homing in on the Doctor's signal.

Sigrun and Jai'hale had knocked Kellira over, but Kellira had recovered and fought back. Her soldiers also shot the weapons, but wildly missing the Doctor and his companions, some of them falling victim to friendly fire.
“Fiesty are you two? But I am a highly trained Drahvin warrior, you stand no chance!” Kellira said fuming and charged at Sigrun, who promptly twisted her onto her back.
“I am also trained, in Terran Eastern Martial Arts, what do you say to that!” Sigrun then said.
“That just makes it more of a challenge! It will make no difference in the long run” Kellira said.

Sabrina had called up the file containing the plan. “Of course it would be encrypted!” she said, however she knew how to get around that.

Kellira was still trying to fend off Sigrun and Jai'hale when an echoing noise came into the room. “No!” she said.
“Yes, Kellira, I summoned my ship, I can then use it to further the destruction of your plan” the Doctor said, as the TARDIS finished rematerialising.

“I haven't decrypted the file yet, but it can be accessed from the TARDIS” Sabrina as she ran from the computer panel towards the TARDIS.
“Guard's surround the Time Lord's ship!” Kellira ordered.

Many of the Drahvin soldiers tried to surround the TARDIS, however, Jai'hale lashed out, all feet and fists, and cleared the area near the door, Sabrina unlocked the door and dashed inside.

“Feeling inadaquate now?” Daniel asked. This enraged Kellira more.
“I am more than 'adaquate' obligatory male companion, Not even the TARDIS can decrypt that file!” Kellira said.
“You seen very confident for a Drahvin who has just been outwitted, unless you pilfered some encryption software from a derilect Dalek ship, which I think even you wouldn't risk.” the Doctor said. Kellira called for the guards again, but found none were answering, whist Daniel and the Doctor had been talking to her, her guards had either been caught in their own cross-fire or had been knocked out by Sigrun and Jia'hale...

“You are still very confident Doctor, the Drahvin forces are still as of this moment taking control of the city of Ponta Delaga, and I am still confident that you cannot change that fact, or decrypt that file” Kellira said.

“Sigrid, Jia, hold 'Ira'tant here, Elisa, come into the TARDIS with me, maybe three and the ship can do what one and the ship can't do, Dan, watch the soldiers, make sure they can't make trouble” the Doctor said. He and Felicia went into the TARDIS.
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