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Re: Scott Bakula Takes On Former Fred Astaire Part

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Uh huh. That's nice. Good for him. I like Scott Bakula. Really.


Do we have to keep track of every - little - thing that anybody that ever had a part in anything that was Star Trek related is involved with now? At what point do we need to let go of what is essentially non-Star Trek related news?

Hey! News Flash!!!! Whoopi Goldberg is still on "The View"!

Is there some kind of news-bot generating this crap?
I must say that I'm just that little bit offended by Pioneer's comment.

Scott Bakula didn't merely have some "little - thing" to do with Trek. He is and always will be the Captain of the NX-01!

As a Trek fan and an Enterprise fan, who also happens to be a Bakula fan, I really appreciate T'Bonz posting this news item.

Thanks, T'Bonz :thumbsup:
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