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Re: Star Ship Polaris

I didn't really think the curved stabilizers/weapons towers/whatever fit with the design. Every time I stick something on it, it takes away from the original simplicity of aridas design - so some things stick (like, for now, the engine cowling) and lots of doodads get their audition and no call-back (like the overhead spoiler of a couple of weeks ago, or - I suspect as I look at it - those radial vanes on the back half of the saucer).

The underside looks like...a blanker version of the top side, right now. You can see aridas treatment of it in his drawings uptopic and I'm using that as a general guide as I experiment with detailing (the panel break-up on the topside wing, for example, is I hope very close to what he had in mind). One thing we've added down there are a couple of round hatches on the wing which conceal the landing boats. At first I just had the boats fitting snugly into the hull (now that I think of it, kind of like the captain's "yacht" on the TNG Enterprise) but that looked somewhat like - nay, exactly like - a nice pair of boobs with nipples. So now they're behind closed doors.
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