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Re: My Star Trek Mod

Sweet Jesus..... These are great. Really, really beautiful and very nice details. You say these are a modification "package" for a game? I'm a total n00b when it comes to things like this, but could these sets be imported into other 3D animation packages like Lightwave, Mya or the like.

There are several folks here (Ptrope, Redfern and others) working on a little project to redo Star Trek: The Animated Series using 3D animation (done in Poser, I think). Between the bridge, halls, sick bay, McCoy's office and lab, you basically almost have all the "standing sets" done. Perhaps you and our "Fearless Leader Mod" here should have a little chat. You've got mad skills; I'm sure they'd welcome your input, help, contributions, etc...

Nicely done!

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