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Re: RPG Recruitment Thread

The year: 2371. Reports of strange sightings, beyond the stable
wormhole near Bajor are running rampant in Star Fleet and throughout the
entire Alpha Quadrant. Ships are lost and never heard from again. Others
come back to report sights of ships and soldiers of incredible

One day the crew on the Ambassador-class USS Evolution receives a
communication from Starfleet Command, marked Top Secret:

"The Galaxy-class USS Odyssey has been destroyed in the Gamma Quadrant.
You are to report there, survey for survivors and retrieve as much
data as you can. Included in this message is a report from Captain
Benjamin Sisko."

A Time to Stand

Have you ever wanted to be part of the excitement during the Dominion
War? Never found a sim that took place in that era? Join A Time to
Stand, a new sim taking place during the Dominion War. Be a part of it from
the beginning! Experience the Cold war, the tension with the Klingon
Empire, the massacre of the Tal'Shiar and the Obsidian Order! Be there to
learn that Cardassia joins the Dominion!

A Time to Stand is a Star Trek Yahoo! Sim taking place from 2371 and
onward. We will experience many kinds of adventures, all in the shadow of
the Dominion. Experience new races, adventures, be part of space
battles and away missions seen on screen or mentioned off screen!

We are currently looking for:

First Officer/XO
Chief Medical Officer
Chief of Security/Marine Officer

We will also accept applications for these positions:

Science Officer
Helm Officer

Please be experienced and have a passion, and be able to post atleast twice a week if not more.

If you're interested respond to
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