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Re: Let's Talk About Horror Fiction

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Sorry for the lack of updates. I've been reading lots of Conan lately, and while it's almost sort of related to horror in that Weird Tales sense, it'd be pushing it to talk about it in here.
It's funny you should mention Conan. I've never been interested in the character, but I've been reading a bit of Robert E Howard's other stuff since it's been brought back into print by some small publishers. I've seen the Savage Sword Of Conan reprints at the comic shop and I've been tempted to pick them up because, a) I now realize that there's that pulp connection, and b) because the art, production and lettering are so obviously 70s that it makes me nostalgic. I love the ambiance of the books from my youth. And those comics are nearly as old now as the pulps were then

Where movies are concerned, I've been on a bit of a '70s/'80s kick. I recently watched Phantasm and Lamberto Bava's Demons. Both were good, but I liked Phantasm more, despite Bava's lineage. Angus Scrimm is just too much fun as the Tall Man. I think I'll stick with the time period for a while and watch Fright Night next.
I recently got the Fright Night DVD. As always, Roddy McDowall ROCKS! There will never be another like him. My feelings about the film have changed since it was first released. When I saw it in theaters, I was fairly disappointed; the only things I liked about it were Roddy and the nostalgia factor of the "horror host" (yes, I was nostalgic even in my 20s-- I was born nostalgic, I think ). This time around, I liked the film a lot more, and I'm even more appreciative of Roddy's effortless genius.

I've thought about watching the Phantasm series, which I never caught when they were new; I had trouble finding all of them, though. It seems like one of the films was out of print or hard to find; I forget which one. I'd like to see them, though.

I'll check out all the other suggestions. I need to make some more purchases at Cemetery Dance before they forget about me. World War Z sounds interesting, but I don't know-- I had another Romero Zombie nightmare last night and in this one, one of my friends became a zombie; that's a new twist.

I finished Dark Resurrection, of course, but I won't say anything until you've read it. Since then I've been reading sci fi-- I started Telzey Amberdon until I was waylaid by a pagination error, and now I'm reading the new Phillip Jose Farmer collection (I've been dying to read Venus On The Half-Shell and "The Adventure Of The Peerless Peer" for a long time). After that, I think I'll go for the Creature novel-- I know it's in one of these piles around here somewhere.
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