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Re: Let's Talk About Horror Fiction

Sorry for the lack of updates. I've been reading lots of Conan lately, and while it's almost sort of related to horror in that Weird Tales sense, it'd be pushing it to talk about it in here.

Where movies are concerned, I've been on a bit of a '70s/'80s kick. I recently watched Phantasm and Lamberto Bava's Demons. Both were good, but I liked Phantasm more, despite Bava's lineage. Angus Scrimm is just too much fun as the Tall Man. I think I'll stick with the time period for a while and watch Fright Night next.

I've also picked up The Living Dead at Manchester Morgue, but I haven't watched it, yet.

Stepping out of those two decades, I watched Night of the Demon, which was pretty darned good. It's listed on the DVD as a double feature, but that isn't quite true. It has Curse of the Demon on it, which is the same movie with some bits taken out for American audiences. That one's not really worth watching if you've got Night.

I picked it up because it's directed by Jacques Tourneur, who directed a number of the Val Lewton films, which RJDiogenes knows I enjoy a great deal. It doesn't quite feel like a Lewton film, which makes it interesting to see just how much influence Lewton had as a producer. It's a great film, mind you, being an early take on the idea of seriously trying to present a supernatural element into a "real world" type of story. The main character, Dr. Holden, is a psychologist intending to expose a "devil cult" as a sham, with the cult leader pulling out the supernatural stops to combat him. Niall MacGinnis gives a great pleasant-while-malicious performance as the cult leader.

I know we talk about fiction and films, but I guess I should throw in some of the former and say that I really enjoyed World War Z. Max Brooks is pretty clever, and he clearly put a lot of thought and effort into it.

My weirdest recent horror fiction purchase was Johnny Gruesome by Greg Lamberson, available from Bad Moon Books. I just like supporting small publishers, and I decided on this one after a positive review at Dread Central. And come on, that cover is great.

I have a few more updates, but I guess I'll save those for later.
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