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Re: Cast the Characters of Trek Literature

alicelouise wrote: View Post
To KRAD: Who would you cast as Captain Gold of the USS Da Vinci? I know this thread has 44 pages and I haven't read all of them. I keep picturing Jerry Orbach of Law and Order filling that role.
There's a very useful function on this board with witch you can search in single threads like this one. I found this post when I searched for Gold in this thread.

KRAD wrote: View Post
I've just started SCE and I was curoious if KRAD or any of the other authors involved had a fantasy cast for it?
Well, the obvious ones are Lycia Naff for Gomez, Jay Baker for Stevens, Bari Hochwald for Lense, Charley Lang for Duffy, James Doohan for Scotty, Katy Boyer for Soloman, and Nikki Cox for Sarjenka, since they're all who played those characters on screen (or, in Boyer's case, played another Bynar). And yes, I know that Naff is retired from acting and Doohan's dead, but I don't care.

As for the others, here's my fantasy cast:

Gold: Harry Morgan (another one who's retired from acting, but the template for Gold is Colonel Potter)
Tev: John Rhys-Davies
Abramowitz: Maura Tierney
P8 Blue: voice of Tress MacNeille
Corsi: Marjorie Monaghan
Hawkins: D.B. Woodside
Barnak: Nicholas Campbell
Conlon: Jaime Ray Newman
Wong: Terry Chen
Salek: Phil Morris

The rest of the crew I have mental images for, but no particular actor in mind.
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