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Re: SFWA Nebula Award Nomination Controversy

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I've been a member of SFWA since 1990, and an active member since 1996, so I have a vested interest as a member in the organization actually following its own rules -- or, at the very least, examining their rules and clarifying them when it gets weird.
The latter makes much more sense to me, especially since it's come to light that fan fiction has never been disqualified by the SFWA. Really, it should all be allowed, or none of it. In my opinion (for whatever that's worth), they should start with their intended goal--are they looking to reward professionals or professionalism?--then work from there.

Terri's stated that she's sure that these clarifications will be brought up on the ballot next year, so it sounds like some good will come of it all.

I just hope that if the heart of this whole thing really is advocacy for fan fiction, you guys will be on the side supporting well-done fan projects.
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