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Schematics made with Vance's toolkit

Since i now can post images here, i thought it a good idea to share some of the scematics, i've done with Vance's toolkit. If anybody else wants to show schematics done with the toolkit, feel free to add it here.

So, here are some of my schematics:

Congress class heavy cruiser

This is supposed to be an intermediate design between the Horizon and Constitution classes. Republic might have been build to this configuration and ships of the Horizon class might have been refitted to this specification.
The general arragement is similar to the Horiozon/Daedalus, but the primary hull has developed into the familiar saucer shape.
The shortened B and C deck structure is directly inspired by EliyahuQeoni's Yorktown, the more blockier impulse engines follow a similar reasoning than on his design, but were in place on this design before he put them out on one of his revisions.

Zuikaku class heavy cruiser

Another intermediate design, this time between Horizon and my Congress classes. The engineering hull is the same as on Congress and the primary hull is an intermediate step between the sphere of Horizon and the saucer of later designs.

Destiny class survey cruiser.

A variant of the Zuikaku, the Destiny adds a second sensor dish facing aft and therefore moves the front facing main sensor down to make room in the forward main hull for the hangar bay. Shortening the interconnecting dorsal was necessary to compensate for changes in the warp-field caused by the lowered main sensor.

Argus class scout

A first attempt in creating a smaller design without a secondary hull similar to FJ's Saladin and Hermes based on the main hull of Zuikaku.

Sagittarius class destroyer

Another attempt to adapt the one hull, one engine design of Saladin and Hermes on a spherical main hull. The Bussard collector has been removed from the nacelle, which has been connected to the hull in a similar fashon to the Mann class, and is connected on the front side of the hull.

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