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Re: 'Star Trek' Politician Fans


This may be true - Obama may be a fan of the series - but he certainly isn't a fan of what it represents for practical purposes.

A clear plank of his campaign is to retard the development of Project Orion (which, imho, needs to be sped up), divert funds from the space program to support various non-space / non-science programs, and reshift NASA priorities toward more earth-observation and robotic exploration and less human-exploration, pure science, and beyond earth observation.

This is actually a huge detractor for me on Obama. Yes, I know, candidates' space policy isn't likely to be a huge 'cocktail party' conversation item, but, to me (and I think a lot of other futurists, including many who are trek fans) this is a significant problem with Obama. Particularly because, unlike so many other things that presidential candidates pontificate on despite the EXTREMELY attenuated connection between what they say they'll do and what they actually can do (e.g. abortion, education, etc.) on space-program funding and research, the President's positions matter a lot.

You can guess: I'm not voting for Obama.
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