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'Star Trek' Politician Fans

Barack Obama is only the most recent politician to admit that he is a fan of Star Trek.

As reported by Chicago Tribune, The admission came while Obama talked about the space program and NASA at a campaign stop in Wyoming. "I grew up on Star Trek," he said. "I believe in the final frontier." He went on to lament the fact that "NASA has lost focus and is no longer associated with inspiration."

Obama is not the first politician who is also a Star Trek fan. Al Gore, former Vice President of the United States, is an admitted fan. Lewis "Scooter" Libby, former Chief of Staff to Vice President Dick Cheney, is an original series fan who can name all seventy-nine episodes. Other American politicians who are Star Trek fans are: Alan Keyes (Deep Space Nine fan) and David Wu (Democrat from the House of Representatives from Oregon) who once made a speech on the House floor referring to people in the White House as Klingons. George Bush Sr. is supposedly to be a Star Trek fan.

Love of Star Trek is not confined to American politicians. Stephen Harper, Canadian Prime Minister is a fan of the original series. Finnish Parliament member Jyrki Kasvi is a fan who is partial to the Klingons.

Political royalty can also be counted as Star Trek fans. King Abdullah II bin Al Hussein, who rules Jordan, is such a fan that before he became King and was still a Prince, he once appeared in Star Trek Voyager: Investigations.

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