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Re: Star Ship Polaris

The thing does wind up having a "top" and "bottom" for the sake of conventional points of reference for the viewer; it's not going to do backflips or go vertically through the frame (much). There's more symmetry to the top and bottom now than there was a day or so ago, just because I've pulled the wing bottom back up to be about as "deep" as the top side.

The big windows represent a scaling problem - they're each a deck high and represent a dedicated "observation dome" area (a variation of what's visible on aridas original plans; I offset them about 80 degrees from one another partly because we've added that fin or spine and partly to eliminate the "cockpit" appearence). Problem is, I don't think people expect windows that big - they assume that they're smaller than they are, hence the ship is smaller.

The windows are big enough to require a modeled and lit interior, but that's not going to register sufficiently to make a difference in the scaling issue. So I'll probably add a few smaller portholes somewhere nearer the bow, among other things.
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