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Re: Star Ship Polaris

See the attachment below. I've tried to combine the elements that I think work well together in this set of illustrations. The more I look at the broken ring/ horseshoe, the more it looks like it should be "restrained" or made less extreme in its curvature, and made to echo the other curves of the fuselage, saucer, etc. Also, it seems to me that it should be more "rollbar" and less "ring", because the bottom part lends weight underneath that seem to my eye to throw the balance of the design off.

Also, I stuck with my upper saucer grid/detailing for convenience sake. Except for the two big grids on each saucer "wing" there is no definite function assigned to any of it.

Polaris revisions

Though... to be honest, I still like the version HERE a lot.

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