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Re: SFWA Nebula Award Nomination Controversy

If by "this" you mean the initial complaint -- sorry to disappoint you but, yes, it's because the rules were violated. STNV isn't a professional production, and it has to be to qualify for the Best Script Nebula. When TerriO and I saw it was nominated, we both went, "Buh?" because the rules for eligibility specifically exclude it.

And James Cawley has said on this very BBS that STNV is, in fact, not a professional production, and in fact its amateur status is precisely why CBS gives the "tacit approval" that SFWA used as justification for keeping it on the ballot. Confused yet?

I've been a member of SFWA since 1990, and an active member since 1996, so I have a vested interest as a member in the organization actually following its own rules -- or, at the very least, examining their rules and clarifying them when it gets weird.

So yes, in fact, your assertion notwithstanding, it is "Sorry guys, but rules are rules." If you don't follow the rules, why bother having them?
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