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The Federation: Join the Fight for Survival

Greetings all--

Please come and check out The Federation, a unique play be e-mail
(PBeM) Star Trek sim organization. We are dedicated to an intimate,
close-knit simming group -- each of our four duty stations has its own
unique concept and plots. These very different locations include
starbases, starships, and combinations thereof. Members are always
welcome to move around the fleet to get diversity in their simming.

The United Federation of Planets is no more. In its place stands the
Federation, a small and struggling alliance of aliens and officers who
are trying to rebuild after a ravaging and years-long war with the
Reptilian Alliance.

Our members work with the leadership to set policy, plots, and handle
grievances. We work together well and focus on having fun, rather than
getting caught up in group politics. The site administrator frequently
consults members on these matters, to ensure that things hard handled

Other features include...
  • Elective Advanced Academy Training -- sign-up for advanced training in your character's specialty (medical, command, etc.) or any other!
  • Online newspaper, member-written and -edited.
  • On active forum, chock full of sim and real life issues.
  • An extensive database of all things Trek.
  • Our promotion process is objective and based on number of posts.
So, if you want a group of friendly people who welcome beginners and
experienced simmers, come check us out!

Click here to join:

NB: Our application was having problems for the past six months, but
is now fixed. If you applied for membership and never heard back, we
apologize and kindly ask you to reapply at this time.

Any questions, please contact me at at whiteschwoch [ at ] hotmail [
dot ] com.

p.s. Be sure to mention this add when you sign-up!


Cmdr Travis White-Schwoch
Commanding Officer
Hargoth Base
The Federation
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