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Re: D.C. Fontana To Co-Write 'Star Trek' Comic Series

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Wow, she must be really really really old by now!
Wow. Three "reallys" for a woman who is 69 years old?


You must be really, really, really young.

Enjoy it!
Yes, he/she/it chose not to enter his/her/its age, name, or gender on his/her/its public profile. Must be ashamed of his/her/its youth. Western society must be becoming more like the Japanese all the time. The Japanese revere the wisdom that comes with age or at least they humor old fools. The West -- not so much. But now!

Anyway, where was I? Oh yes! Dorothy is a good writer. Great, even. I know "certain (female) writers" on this forum who would do well to take some well-needed advice from Dorothy Fontana.
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