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Re: Niners Unite...around Babylon 5! - The Lost Threads

The circumstances that combined to allow B5 to be so much of JMS's own vision were something that's not likely to happen again. And business execs aren't going to change and the trend will unfortunately they'll always be catering to the lowest common denominator.

That said, creative folks are still working to get quality out there. Late last year JMS wrote about a proposed TV show that he and some others had put out for auction:

[FONT=Courier New]On the TV project I co-wrote and would produce with the two mega-film
makers (henceforth just "the group"), we took the first three scripts
out to auction in the weeks leading up to the strike. Everybody
wanted to be in business with the group given the massive reps of the
film-makers (and me, I suppose).
The up-side of the project was that everyone agreed that they had
never seen anything like it before. The down-side was that they had
never seen anything like it before. This is a business where people
are comfortable with what they've seen. Some found it too
controversial/weird. Some wanted it and made offers, but only on the
condition that we tone it down a bit and make it more conventional.
At the eleventh hour, one that had passed turned around to say
yes...but by then it was too late and everyone stopped buying things
with the strike about to happen.
So the group conferred, and what we'll probably end up doing is
financing the project ourselves, first as a ten hour miniseries, and
take it from there. There's no question, given the names involved,
that we can turn around and get financing from a studio and/or DVD
distributer and from worldwide television pre-sales. So when the
strike is over, we'll pick up that thread again, write the next 7
episodes, shoot the thing, then sell it to whichever network wants it
the most.
This means we won't have to compromise anything creatively, it'll be
exactly what we want it to be. [/FONT]
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