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Re: Star Ship Polaris

aridas sofia wrote: View Post
Funny you say that. The way it's evolving, it might resemble Protector even more before it's through.

I always thought Protector was meant to be sort of a reverse of Enterprise. (Instead of Enterprise's disc-shaped primary hull and cylindrical nacelles, Protector had a cylindrical hull and disc-shaped nacelles...)

Starship Polaris wrote: View Post
aridas can better answer the propulsion theory than I can.

Polaris can't land - it carries at least two landing boats of some size and probably a number of small utility craft. aridas has designed a really cool landing boat, which hopefully he'll also post.

There's no hangar deck or landing bay as such - the auxiliary craft are secured behind hatches on the saucer, with corridor access from within the vessel directly into the boat hatchways. No pressurizing/depressurizing of large interior spaces involved.

Also, at this time, no military defense forcefields or teleporters and a real paucity of ray-gun-like armament. Missiles and rocks are in fashion.
In a hard sci-fi storyline, energy weapons (ray-gun-like armament) would probably be impractical for long-range ship-to-ship combat, but would be quite suitable as short-range point-defense weapons.

"Missiles and rocks are in fashion." Is that meant to be "rockets" or does the ship mount railgun/mass driver weapons?

Forbin wrote: View Post
Very nice, very different and original!

Aridas, the sawtooth on the top view kinda looks like the ship turns very low-res as you go aft!
Maybe the sawtooth look is caused by a series of retractable panels which extend when the drive is engaged. As for the low-res, how about the gravitic drive causes light refraction when active...

I really DO have a squirrelly wrath, you know...

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