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Re: Destiny trilogy - pretty heavy spoilers

As with most other people, I'm highly anticipating the Destiny novels and they're wide area of focus across many series. Because I'm not up-to-date on most of the novel-based series though, I'm a little concerned about the possibilty of spoilers and for those series and the continuation of plot threads that I am not familiar with. Because of this, I was wondering if those who are more closely involved with the novels might recommend to me what novel series I might spend the next few months focusing on to enjoy the greatest familiarity with Destiny. Here's how much I've read from each series:

TNG-R - Up to date (read up to and including Before Dishonor)
DS9-R - Only read Avatar, books 1 & 2
VOY-R - Read Home Coming & The Farther Shore
ENT-R - Up to date (read The Good That Men Do)
NF - Only read book 1, House of Cards
SCE/COE - Only on book 2 of SCE & The Art of the Comeback of COE
SGZ - Not read anything yet but own the Pantheon collection
GKN/KE - Not read anything yet but own Diplomatic Implausibility
TTN - 2/3rds through book 1
VGD - Up to date (up to and including Reap the Whirlwind)

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