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Re: D.C. Fontana To Co-Write 'Star Trek' Comic Series

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<p><i>The Enterprise Experiment</i> is a sequel to Fontana's <i>Star Trek: The Enterprise Incident</i> episode. In this story, Federation efforts to fully adapt the cloaking device to Starfleet ships leads to an experiment gone awry, trapping Kirk and Spock on an Enterprise out of phase with space itself. At the same time, Romulan forces close in on the starship, intent on claiming revenge for their stolen technology. Later chapters in the series will provide a sequel to the first two issues, as the Klingon Empire, with its own agenda, suddenly enters the fray.<p>"The story is absolute classic Trek in the best sense of the word," said <font color=yellow>Andrew Steven Harris</font>, <i>Star Trek</i> editor at IDW Publishing.
Experimentation with a cloaking device that causes the Enterprise to go out of phase... hmmm, sounds familiar for some reason. But then again are there any original ideas left when it comes to Star Trek? Ones that don't refer to other episodes or events/technology/politics from within the already established "Star Trek Universe". Not that those can't be entertaining. In fact I'd like to see more comics and graphic novels continuing the stories of the rest of the shows. Now don't I just sound like a hypocrite.
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