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Re: Marc Zicree Talks About New Voyages

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Omaha. you argue, weither the film is legal or illegal. The controversy with the nomination is weither it is professional or not.

[edit, to add argument:] Things that are illegal can still be professional, well done conterfeit money for example .
This was my letter to SFWA, regarding Mr. Zicrees quest to get his Nebula.
Regretfully, SOME of his public statement, paints a wrong picture of My project and it's participants:
> To the Board of Directors of the Science Fiction Writers of America,
> I am the Executive Producer of Star Trek New Voyages. I apologize for
> any confusion created by Marc Scott Zicree's efforts on behalf of the
> "World Enough And Time" episode of Star Trek New Voyages. It does not
> come from my offices nor does it reflect my wishes.
> Here is what you need to know about our situation:
> Paramount Pictures owns the copyright to Star Trek. The relationship
> of Star Trek New Voyages with Paramount Pictures is very strictly
> defined.
> We are not allowed to sell tickets to screenings of our episodes. We
> are not allowed to sell advertising for our episodes. We are not allowed to sell DVD copies of our episodes. We
> are not allowed in any way to produce or distribute our episodes for
> profit. These are the rules by which Paramount allows us to continue.
> We will not allow anyone connected with STNV to violate those
> guidelines or misrepresent our efforts.
> Legally, we are a fan-based production. We exist solely because we
> maintain our amateur status, and good faith relationship with Paramount CBS.
> Contrary to anything stated anywhere else, we have not sold tickets
> for any public exhibition of any of our episodes nor have we
> authorized anyone else to do so.
> Yes, many of the people who have worked in our episodes are
> professionals in their respective fields. We have been privileged to
> have Walter Koenig, George Takei, Denise Crosby, Bill Blair, Bobby
> Quinn Rice, Kim Stinger, Ben Tolpin and other professionals
> play key roles in our episodes. We have been privileged to have
> produced scripts by DC Fontana, J. Michael Reaves, and David Gerrold.
> We have been privileged to have technical experts like Ron Moore, Doug
> Drexler, Ron Thornton, Brian Kelley, and others, working behind the
> scenes as well. Yes, we have paid some of our performers, those who
> are SAG members; but always with the understanding that we are a
> fan-based production.
> Speaking for myself, it has been enormously gratifying to tap into
> such a wellspring of enthusiasm for classic Star Trek. All of us on
> STNV aspire to produce episodes that meet or surpass the standards of
> excellence established by the original Star Trek series and I believe
> the Nebula consideration of "World Enough And Time" is an
> acknowledgment that we are starting to achieve that goal.
> But I must stress this as strongly as I can. We are committed to
> maintaining our relationship with Paramount Pictures. We are a
> fan-based production. Legally, our episodes are AMATEUR. Marc Scott
> Zicree's claims otherwise are notwithstanding.
> I certainly understand and respect Marc Scott Zicree's desire to have
> "World Enough And Time" on the Nebula ballot. The script that he and
> Michael Reaves wrote was one of the best we've ever seen and George
> Takei's performance was stunning. We are all very proud of the
> episode and we believe it does deserve consideration.
> As I understand the situation, as it was explained to me by Rules
> Committee Chair, Jeff Carver, the award requirements specify that only
> PROFESSIONAL productions are eligible for consideration. Therefore,
> by the rules of the SFWA, the episode is not eligible. I understand
> this and I respect and agree with that position. The SFWA is a highly
> regarded professional organization and your awards are intended to
> acknowledge professional excellence.
> But it is also my understanding that the Board of Directors of the
> Science Fiction Writers of America has the authority to waive the
> professional production requirement in this case or reinterpret it to
> include Internet productions. This is new territory for everyone and
> I hope we can find a solution that serves us all. Our next episode,
> David Gerrold's "Blood and Fire" is nearing completion and I expect it
> to be even better than "World Enough And Time."
> Speaking on behalf of everyone who worked on "World Enough And Time"
> we would be honored to see the episode on the Nebula awards ballot.
> We are all grateful that you are taking time to consider the
> eligibility of the episode. I look forward to your decision.
> Whatever you decide, I hope that the SFWA has a wonderful and exciting
> Awards Ceremony.
> Sincerely yours,
> James M. Cawley
> Senior Executive Producer/Creator New Voyages
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