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Re: Marc Zicree Talks About New Voyages

I think if you do a quick search on this thread, you'll find that I have not used the A word. At all. I am talking about legal vs. illegal. Why can't you understand this? It's not like it's a difficult concept to grasp.
Precisely - you are applying a simplistic argument to an irreducibly complex set of variables - like someone trying to hammer in a screw. I'm quite sure that everyone reading this thread understands your argument - and your motives for robustly suggesting that they don't - quite well. They, however, choose to express a viewpoint that more effectively embraces the intricacies of the issue.

It appears that Star Trek NV/P2 has been tacitly endorsed by Paramount/CBS, placing it in a grey area your black and white model of legality/illegality is unable to account for. Furthermore, it's partially been made by professionals who were paid for their time, making it - by another different, yet equally valid definition - professionally produced. Finally, your argument fails to take into account the qualitative definition of professionalism - in that an artifact may be crafted by experienced practitioners in such a way that it has a professional quality; something ironically lacking in many fully licensed Star Trek tie-ins.
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