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Re: Destiny trilogy - pretty heavy spoilers

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^ Because we don't even know when and how he died in the first place?
Actually we do. It was in his bio shown in IAMD. Archer dies (peacefully, AFAIK) in 2245, a day after the NCC-1701 is commissioned.
We don't know that canonically, because that portion of the bio did not appear onscreen. It's only unofficial background material, subject to contradiction. For that matter, even the parts that were shown weren't really intended to be legible, and wouldn't have been if not for high-definition TV.

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And as for the most recent instalments... as I've said before, far from making the Borg more frightening, they made the Borg appear dumb and silly; really, Resistance and Before Dishonour went as far to make the Borg less credible as a foe than VOY ever did. And that's a shaky foundation to build more Borg stories on. With any luck, these stories will feature actual Borg, the uncaring and unstoppable, and not the stupidity-plagued, revenge-driven examples we've seen of late.
For what it's worth... post-"Endgame," the Borg are fragmented. The Borg cube that attacked in Resistance and Before Dishonor was acting alone. That's why they had to create their own Queen. So what happened in those books wouldn't really be a foundation for stories about other Borg. (Well, the Borg in Greater Than the Sum are the last surviving offshoot of those Borg, but they're more the McGuffin for GTTS than the foundation of it.)
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