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Re: Destiny trilogy - pretty heavy spoilers

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Is it really so awful for the readers to say - "hey it's a big universe and I'd like some of the books featured the characters I enjoy reading about facing something else, a different foe".
No, certainly not. But my point is, if they're going to go ahead and do it anyway, that doesn't mean it won't be good.

Yes it could be a great but the simple truth is - I just don't want to read about the borg anymore - not for a while. If it was just your book (after the previous two being borg stories as well) then maybe but then onto another book? and maybe another two after that?
I'll put it this way: there are Borg stories and there are Borg stories. A Borg story doesn't have to be a story about fighting off an attacking Borg cube the way Resistance and Before Dishonor were. Greater Than the Sum definitely isn't a story like that. It's mostly a story about the crew of the Enterprise and their experiences and discoveries while searching for a Borg ship. And insofar as it involves the Borg, it explores different aspects of them than previous books in the series have done.

And even so, it doesn't exhaust the different possible ways that the concept of the Borg could be developed, the range of distinct narratives that could be built around the idea of them. As Dave said, if Destiny were "just another Borg story," he wouldn't have done it -- and I don't think the editors would've wanted to see something that merely repeated what had been done before.

The borg will be in the last five TNG books in a row, I like cheesecake but I don't want to eat it every day.
Well, you're free to wait a while until you get around to reading these books, if that's what you want. But I think you'd be missing out if you skipped over them altogether.
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