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Re: Is Netflix a Rip-off?

I've had Netflix for 1.5 yrs and subscribe to the $9 plan. As noted it went down a buck but what wasn't said is they did that to compete with Blockbuster. As noted in the OP when Blockbuster started they made their price so nice that over 2 years Netflix saw something like a 40% drop in business I read somewhere.

Now that Blockbuster has you they raised their rates every few months and like a frog in warming water you don't notice till its too late.

My only issue has been that out of the countless movies I've seen in the 1.5 years I've had about 5-6 that were really scratched. How does that happen are people using them as drink coasters? Take it out of the sleeve, place it into your DVD player, watch movie, remove from DVD player and finally reinsert into return Netflix sleeve. How do people mess them up??

Netflix is best and at my $9 plan I average about 5-7 movies a month. Way better than the video store and apparently Blockbuster Online.
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