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Re: Destiny trilogy - pretty heavy spoilers

For the sake of argument I'll take the Amazon blurb at face value - though not without a grain of salt.

I really don't think the Borg returning once again is necessarily a good or bad thing. It's not what a story is about, it's how it is about it. Destiny is in good hands (and so is Greater Than the Sum), nuff said.

What fascinates me more is that finding the NX-02 makes this a continuation of the Enterprise relaunch as much as it is TNG, DS9, Titan and maybe/probably Voyager. Wow.

If the long-dead captain turns out to be Kirk, wouldn't Destiny be the end of all relaunch climaxes? Again, wow.

And if it is indeed Kirk, I truly hope that the story will jibe with the brilliant Crucible trilogy (even though it stands apart from the "Main TrekLit-verse"):
a) because I really, really love DRG's three 40th anniversary novels,
b) because I loathe the Shatnerverse (I've got nothing against the Reeves-Stevenses, but those stories are what I like to call Shat-wank),
c) because we do not need a third Kirk resurrection scenario.
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