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Re: Destiny trilogy - pretty heavy spoilers

Christopher wrote: View Post
[...]I think that, no matter how long or short the interval between stories, all it takes is one story done right to undo the perceived "damage."

At least, I hope so, since my next novel involves the Borg. I'd hope that people will approach my take on them with an open mind and judge it based on the work itself, instead of on their reactions to what came before it. And I hope they won't write off the aspects of my book that don't involve the Borg just because the Borg are one factor in the story. And Destiny, regardless of what it's about, deserves the same.
More Borg? My initial reaction is "Agh." But considering how much I liked Ex Machina and The Buried Age, I'm going to give it a more-than-fair shot.

Personally, my main beef with the Borg in "Unimatrix Zero", "Endgame", Resistance, and Before Dishonor have to do with the story concepts and the execution rather than the Borg themselves. UZ made the Borg look foolish, and the books were just poor concepts (especially Resistance). I think a lot of people are simply burned out on the Borg right now. But as you said, all it takes is one good story to reverse the "damage".

Long-dead legendary Captain? Please don't let it be Kirk or Janeway.
I'm sorry, Dave, but I have to spoil it to halt these rumors... it's Captain America. Turns out Steve Rogers fell into the ice again and spent 373 years frozen this time around.
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