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Re: Is Netflix a Rip-off?

I've had Netflix for a while now and it's working just fine for me. I average about $1.50 per rental because I return DVDs quickly, so the price is right. I have noticed being waitlisted a lot for the big new releases, probably punishing me for returning things too quickly, but it doesn't matter in my case, since I also have a full slate of TV series on DVD, old movies, indie movies, documentaries, foreign movies, etc., so if I have to wait a while to see The Assasination of Jesse James, I can keep myself occupied with Deadwood. I don't care when I see things, so they can send them in whatever order they like.

Also, the "predicted ratings" system works well for me - I've learned the hard way that regardless of how much the critics drool over something, if the Netflix rating tells me I'll only like it three stars' worth, that's the way it will be, and I might as well just boot those suckers right off the list so that something I'll like better will move up. (Anything under 3.5 stars goes bye-bye except for very unusual circumstances.)
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