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Re: Shatner To Direct Comedy Movie

Quote from above - As reported by and, Shatner had just signed a deal to direct a movie reported to be based on the Jewish custom of sitting Shiva, the period of mourning after the death of a family member. According to a 2000 interview with The Hollywood Reporter, while sitting shiva after the death of his wife Nerine, Shatner realized that "grief can be funny."

I remember reading about the death of his wife and all of the people saying that he killed her. I didn't believe it for a first. Then I heard the 9-1-1 tape of him reporting finding her, and I began to rethink my position. Didn't he host a show about 9-1-1 calls ("Rescue 9-1-1")? Wouldn't he know what to do? Wouldn't your first reaction to be pull your wife out of the pool? Still, I figured it had to be a horrifying experience and people often panic. Then I saw an interview in which he talked about the humor in sitting shiva and that he was considering writing a movie about it. That's when I knew he killed her. He killed her dead...allegedly.
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