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Re: Destiny trilogy - pretty heavy spoilers

I don't trust a damn thing in that entire summary. In point of fact, I'm half-tempted to conclude that everything in it is probably inaccurate, including the idea that the Borg are featured whatsoever.

Having said that, if the Borg were to be used in a dramatically competent way, it would make for fascinating reading. The Borg, as near as we can tell, post-VOY, are no longer unified into one Collective, correct? (I read Before Dishonor but not Resistence.) So it seems to me that doing a story about what happens when the Borg finally cease to exist as a galactic power would make for a very interesting way to upset the balance of power throughout the Milky Way -- civilizations and factions at varying levels of technological power could conceivably acquire various forms of Borg technology, radically altering their capacity to project power, to communicate, and to travel across vast distances. Just imagine if the Federation got their hands on a Borg transwarp hub... or the Romulans.

Mind you, that's a fairly bare-bones plot premise, and a good writer would need to inject more thematic concerns than just "OMG the Tholians have a transwarp coil!!!!!," but it could work if done properly.
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