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Re: So does Netflix buttfuck you?

I have been with them for almost five years now and love them. My only real complaint has been getting a scratched disc every once in a while but other than that I can't complain. It is fast, easy, cheap and efficient. And with all the foreign movie titles they have available, I am a very very happy.

Of course, the only drawback I found is that I have to use a video rental store (locally owned) for new releases. But since most new titles are not all that pressing for me to see, it is something I can live with. And as long as Blockbuster is not getting anymore of my money, I don't really care. I haven't spent a dime in one of their stores in almost seven years. (It is never a good idea for a store or company to piss me off. When I cut you off, I cut you off. Exxon/Mobile hasn't seen a penny from me since 1995.)
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