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Re: Destiny trilogy - pretty heavy spoilers

Wow. Just.... wow. That Amazon description sounds horrific! I hope it isn't true.

- More Borg? VOY ruined them. The TNG Relaunch thusfar hasn't reversed the damage. I think the Borg just need to lay dormant for a long, long time. Until there's a good enough reason to bring them back and make them truly scary. "Resistance" and "Before Dishonor" just didn't do it.

- Captain Dax? We're only getting one more DS9 novel before the Destiny trilogy, and it's not going to bring the DS9 Relaunch timeline up to speed with post-NEM. So what the hell happens in the time period between "Fearful Symmetry" and "Destiny" that allows for Ezri Dax to become Captain?

- Long-dead legendary Captain? Please don't let it be Kirk or Janeway.
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