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Re: So does Netflix buttfuck you?

Captain Dago wrote: View Post
We've had the Netflix "three-at-a-time" plan for about 4 years now and have been very, very happy. My biggest complaint is that we often seem to get dirty discs (keep windex and paper towels handy). I also wish they did a better job stocking slightly obscure movies and that they had more of the available Doctor Who. But those are very minor complaints. By all means, make the switch.
TheMurph wrote: View Post
I love Netflix. They have consistently beaten my expectation of what kind of service I would receive when I first joined. My movies are delivered promptly. My price for service has went down. I've gained unlimited access to movies online (not a big library yet, but growing), I've had great movies recommended to me that I would have never thought to watch on my own... In short Netflix is awesome.

The few issues I've had (damaged discs, only 2 though) they've quickly issued new discs and I received within a day or two.
I have to mirror exactly what as said here. I love Netflix, having used them for about two years now. I've only ever had two bad discs (Six Feet Under and, recently, Blues Brothers) and they were very prompt about allowing you to report it damaged and send you a new one while you send the old one back. My subscription has gone down as well (I use the 3 at-a-time unlimited plan). It helps that one of their distribution centers is only about 10 miles away from my home too. :thumbsup:
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