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Re: 3D Software?

Hi, i havnt posted anything in the art forum for ages and ages, been really busy since leaving college.

Anyways, work has eased off a bit and i have had some time to tinker around with my old software and new ones.

I doubt anyone will remember my TOS command chair project from a while ago, well, for that i was using Rhinoceros, a nurbs modelling software which has been mentioned in this thread near the beginning.

Having not used any 3d modelling software for about 9 months, i blew the dust off of Rhino and installed it onto my new computer, which then prompted me to update, so i did.

Now, the new Rhino is a lot different, some functions are gone which shouldve stayed but alas, more advanced functions have taken their place.

The rendering is a lot smoother and quicker, the texturing tools have also been revised and are a lot better.

Its still the basic no-frills nurbs modelling but it has been greatly improved since i last used it.

I use it primarily for basic 3d sketching now, building basic, bog-standard models to see how a design might look once finnished, i then start from scratch using lightwave. I import the sketch from rhino into lightwave and work with it to get the final look etc.

I have loads of really basic sketches, they all kinda look like the Klingon D-7 from TOS, no surface detail etc etc, very very basic.

But, i now use lightwave or occasionally maya depending on my mood or what specific function i need for a certain render etc.

But, if you want basic nurbs, go for rhino, its easy and you can get some really fantastic results (depending how persistent you are)

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