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Re: Destiny trilogy - pretty heavy spoilers

I wouldn't say I'm sick of the Borg - just sick of the Borg being written poorly (ie: Resistance, Before Dishonour).

There's a great speech from Bashir in the DS9 Section 31 book on why the Borg are so menacing, which really captured the magic that they as villians can convey - and they're not even in the book!

It's just sad that neither Peter David nor JM Dillard were able to put that into their books. David's moustache-twirling Borg Queen was particualry bad.

I have more than enough faith in both Christopher and Mack to do them justice, and I'm still as psyched as ever about Greater Than the Sum and Destiny. :thumbsup:

Not that I'm sold on this blurb being legit anyway, sounds like the outline for the next Shatner-verse novel, not to mention the NX-02 storyline has just been lifted from the SOTL calendar.
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