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Re: Star Ship Polaris

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Random questions/remarks:

* So, as a retrofuturistic hero ship, am I correct in assuming this vehicle can land on a planet? Hmm.. that would mean it lands on its tail (which looks strangely cool.. I am imagining a space port with a bunch of these 'discs' in various sizes towering majestically, as 50s spacerockets tended to do).

* In case it doesn't land, does it carry any auxilliary craft?

* You mentioned both Forbidden Planet and The Day The Earth Stood Still, so the inevitable question is... are there going to be robots? :P

* I take it the disc itself is mainly propulsion? Antigravity? Puttkamer/Alcubierre-warp?

aridas can better answer the propulsion theory than I can.

Polaris can't land - it carries at least two landing boats of some size and probably a number of small utility craft. aridas has designed a really cool landing boat, which hopefully he'll also post.

There's no hangar deck or landing bay as such - the auxiliary craft are secured behind hatches on the saucer, with corridor access from within the vessel directly into the boat hatchways. No pressurizing/depressurizing of large interior spaces involved.

Also, at this time, no military defense forcefields or teleporters and a real paucity of ray-gun-like armament. Missiles and rocks are in fashion.
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