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Re: Destiny trilogy - pretty heavy spoilers

Xeris wrote: View Post
I have to say that this doesn't exactly fill me with joy.

More Borg (why, oh why?)
Shit. Stick a fork in the Borg already - they're done.

; a Starfleet Captain long thought dead, (Pike? Kirk? Hernandez? Janeway?)
It better not be Kirk. Frankly, outside of ST XI, I'm sick of hearing about him. (Almost as much as I'm sick of hearing about the fucking BORG already.)

and Captain Dax? Sorry, but Ezri never struck me as the leadership type, unless we have yet another host.
If it is Ezri, how did she make Captain so fast? Is she the next Kirk?

I am really getting tired of this endless procession of Borg stories. (People used to say that Voyager beat that premise into the ground? If they only knew. ) If, however, Destiny does to the TrekLit-verse what I keep hearing it will - chop it up, put it into a blender, and spit it back out again - then maybe we will finally, once and for all, see the total and complete and utter END of the little bastards.
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