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Re: E-Book Status

Yup, it's true. This was the announcement I mentioned in my LiveJournal that was going to be made in March. Well, here it is, March already. (Where does the time go?)

The word "hiatus" was quite specifically chosen. There is a possibility that the original eBook line will be revived in some form or other down the line.

If this decision annoys you, the best thing you can do is 1) buy the existing eBooks (which aren't going anywhere) and 2) support the print compilations (which also aren't). Buy the Corps of Engineers trade paperbacks (Aftermath, Grand Designs, and Creative Couplings are available at your local bookstore, and Wounds is coming later this year), and buy Mere Anarchy and Slings and Arrows when they're put into dead-tree form (Mere Anarchy is tentatively scheduled to come out in 2009, probably to coincide with the Abrams movie's release, though that's very preliminary right now). And buy the eBooks for your laptop, your desktop, your PDA, your Sony Reader, your Kindle, whatever.

So yeah, Remembrance of Things Past was (for the time being, at least), the finale of Corps of Engineers (which, BTW, TerriO was aware of when she wrote it). I thought it was as good an ending as one could hope for: the story involved most of the cast, and the series wound up ending the way it started, with a TNG crossover. More to the point, it ended with the da Vinci zooming off to its next mission. Captain Gold, Commander Gomez, and the rest of the gang of loonies are still out there solving the galaxy's problems, one disaster at a time.

I had more stories I wanted to tell of the good ship da Vinci, and maybe some day they'll get told. I also had at least four or five other miniseries in development (one of which was set up in Ghost, maddeningly enough). In the meantime, I've got 74 SCE/COE eBooks and two anniversary miniseries to look back on and be proud of. I think we did some excellent work -- but then, I'm biased. If you don't believe me, read what Steve Roby wrote above (and thank you for that, Steve).
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