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Re: Another fan attempt at TOS deck plans

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So Im right in assuming that we can accept Franz Josephs warp nacelle configuration? The struts would have no connection to the tube room?
For the TOS era designs, yeah, I'd say that is pretty correct.

The idea of plasma flowing like water (or even steam) through large tubes to the engines seems to have been developed during production of Phase II and TMP. Before that, the engine room sat in front of what would be analogous to reactor equipment which produced energy that could be distributed to ships systems.

The diversion of power to certain systems would often disable the warp engines in TOS, which was an important plot device so the main characters couldn't just leave an area when problems popped up. Good examples of this include The Return of the Archons and The Apple. And as pointed out before, other systems (such as deflectors or phaser banks) can pull enough power to burn out the ship's power plants as seen in The Paradise Syndrome.

It would seem that while the impulse engines gains some power from the ship's power plants, they are intended to (on their own) resemble either rocket, NERVA or ion engines.

The major changes between TOS and post-TMP style engine room design was the advent of bright effects to illustrate power, and the idea that energy is transferred via plasma in a system that is similar to water or steam transfer tubing.

If the forced perspective was to convey the true nature of the equipment behind engineering, then the tubes are a secondary system to the main equipment (for cooling or the like). If those tubes were designed to lead to the warp engines via the supports, then they would have been inverted (to a "V" shape). The engine room design was done long after the Enterprise's exterior was finished, so it is doubtful that they got the design upside down.

middyseafort wrote:
I'm more interested in this ship's store that everyone keeps talking about where Janice Rand tries to get her favorite perfume and Captain Kirk buys his MAC (c) cover-up.
I wouldn't expect the ship's stores to be all that different from those on US Navy vessels. So we are talking about something more like a mini-mart rather than a Wal-Mart or Macy's type of thing.
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