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I've been working with Dennis of late, on a design for the hero ship for an independent movie he has scripted, and that is currently in "pre, pre-production". Over the last year we discussed many possible approaches, tried out some, and then left the ship design process so that he could complete the script and we could get a better idea of just what was going to be needed. About a month ago, I began to further develop several sketches I'd drawn, that seemed to reflect the design direction we were preferring.

What I'll post here is the result. It is really just a new beginning, as my illustrations are meant to be a jumping-off point for Dennis as he undertakes modelbuilding. I nevertheless wanted to post this work for comment, as a way to introduce some of you to what we are doing, and as a basis for discussions.

The design was to harken back to classic flying saucers and the C-57 from Forbidden Planet. Shades of Trek were welcome. Despite its former life as an independent explorer pressed into military service, I wanted to blend submarine features with the saucer. I also wanted to give it a "no nonsense," functional style. Finally, classic science fiction rocketships were on my mind.

As thoughts of Klaatu danced in my head, I worked to give the sketches some functional sense. Thus, the rocketship orientation for the decks, and the organization of everything around the propulsion systems I envisioned. Here are the results -- the exteriors and a cross section. I'll try to post more detailed images of the cross section later, and I'm sure Dennis will want to share some of his model work.

These images are large, so I'll post them as links:





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