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Re: Lindelof On 'Star Trek XI' Date Change And Its Effects

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FINALLY, someone who is in a position to, confirms that the extra time will actually be put to good use in terms of post-production, and that the Suits still weren't pushing for the film to be 'in the can' by its' original schedule.

Okay, I can live with this. I'll settle for May of next year as long as they allow the FX team time to make it as visually staggering as possible, and if they let J.J. reshoot any scenes he feels that he can improve.

I was surprised to find that they're still thinking of releasing a full trailer in the summer given the change, but hey, I won't complain. I wonder if we'll get a second trailer then sometime next winter, or if they'll do only the one and that will be that?
Yes. I'm with you on all points. Ditto. Hear, Hear!
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