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Re: Another fan attempt at TOS deck plans

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Have you reached a point where you have figured out where essential supplies (fuel, raw food materials for replicators, etc.) will be located?
Boy, maybe I'm not making this clear enough... but no, I haven't. And no, I'm not going to.

How much fuel does a warp drive or impulse engine require? Neither exist, so how would we know? How efficiently can the essential (air, water, food, clothing, etc.) be reconstituted in the 23rd century? That is hundreds of years from now, so how would we know?

As I pointed out earlier in this thread, if you asked the average person of the 1930s about what would be needed to keep a submarine in the early 21st century supplied with enough fuel and air to stay submerged for more than a year, they would have been completely off base. They would be allotting space for diesel fuel for a year and air for a year because they hadn't heard of nuclear power or air scrubbers.

So again, no, I haven't set aside space for these things. And no, I'm not going to. But then again, I'm also not intending to fill every inch on the ship seeing as we didn't get to see every inch within the ship. I'm not going to create fictional equipment (that wasn't seen) to take up space, nor am I going to set aside space for resources when we don't understand what resources will be needed.

If submarines of today can reduce the space requirements for fuel and air by more than a factor of a hundred in a spin of less than 50 years, then I would guess that any estimates on space requirements for those things by us today could very well be off by at least that much when talking about a starship hundreds of years in the future with no understanding of the technology developed in the intervening years.

For all we know, all of those requirements may be solved within the same space as a standard refrigerator.

Still, other than fitting the interior spaces we saw into the interior space provided, the rest of that space is open to interpretation. When I'm done, anyone who wants to theorize about what may or may not fill the rest of that space should feel free to do so. My end point for this project will be far short of what most fans would consider complete plans of the Enterprise. At that point I fully intend to pass the baton onto you guys to figure out the rest to your hearts contentment.

TIN_MAN wrote:
I reach where your coming from about ignoring most post TOS stuff, this is why, after years of theoriseing and weighing the pros and cons I've come to the conclusion that FJ's plans are still the best overall even if they do require some minor tweaking here and there to bring them into line with what we saw onscreen. Anyway, keep up the good work it's been great so far!
Yeah, I think that FJ was handicapped more by a lack of access to information than anything else. Today, we have nearly as much access to information as someone in the art department working on that show... more if you consider the fact that we can organize it for retrieval much better.

Plus we've watch the show for years... FJ wasn't even a fan of the show and got started doing much of this stuff just to make his daughter and friends happy.

Edit: I have been trying to get this point across using the term black box, but maybe this term isn't in common use outside of technical fields... so for the rest of my time working on this, I'll just say that the question of space for resources within the Enterprise is equivalent to asking how many angels can dance on the head of a pin?

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